Gloomhaven #002 – Into the Volcano!

This post contains spoilers for scenario #63 of Gloomhaven, a road event (#08), a city event (#21) and one loot chest (#12).

Back to Gloomhaven

After the first two scenarios we traveled back to the city of Gloomhaven to get our equipment updated and to recruit a new member for our adventuring party: The Cragheart! At a first glance he seems like a mix of a barbarian and a druid. A great addition to our group!

The Cragheart! His first purchase was a brand new War Hammer. Yes, he is sending a clear message here.

For my Tinkerer I decided to buy a Hide Armor. With this I can ignore the first damage from two sources of damage before I need a rest to activate its effect again. This comes at a price: 10 gold pieces and two “-1 damage modifier” cards, which I have to add to my deck. I was thinking about this for a while, but in the end I was pretty happy with my decision. In dire situations I can now go into melee for one round, while my colleagues can take a break and rest. Continue reading “Gloomhaven #002 – Into the Volcano!”

NerdWords Picks of the Month: November 2017

There is way too much new stuff for our hobbies every month to keep track of. So I decided to pick my four favorites from all the news, posts and curiosities hitting the internet in the last few weeks.

Map Drawing

I love maps! Especially in pen-&-paper roleplaying games. Most of the time I just grab an empty piece of paper and get started. I usually end up with something that could be a dungeon, a village or other adventuring location for my players to explore.

This month, the GreatGM put up an amazing video. A detailed tutorial to get started with drawing your own maps using photoshop (but you can probably use any other similar software, too). I really like the approach. It’s a four part tutorial and if you’re a GM yourself, you should check it out.

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Gloomhaven #001 – The Beginning

This post contains spoilers for the first two scenarios of Gloomhaven, a road event (#13), a city event (#22), character creation and a random side mission (#63).

Considering the strong legacy part of this board game you should be aware, that through reading this article, you could spoil yourself some of the fun, if you plan to play this game yourself in the future.

Character creation

We started the game with three players and we choose the Spellweaver (similar to a wizard), the Brute (a warrior) and the Tinkerer (a gadgeteer) for our first characters. Character creation is pretty easy compared to pen-&-paper roleplaying games. Besides picking your class you have to draw two random cards, from which you choose one for your characters personal quest. This personal quest affects your play style and sets the end for his career. After achieving their biggest goals, the characters retire and settle down in the city of Gloomhaven. After that you get some money to go on a shopping spree in the city of Gloomhaven.

The Tinkerer (clockwise from the top left): personal quest card, ability cards deck, some combat modifier cards, the character card board token (still waiting for my miniatures), a character reference board, an equipment card bought during character creation and the character sheet (after mission two).

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Star Trek Re-Watched #006

Enterprise (ENT) Episode 7

“The Andorian Incident“

I’m re-watching Star Trek in this chronological order. There will be spoilers! For a synopsis and more information on this episode I strongly recommend Memory Alpha

“And what is diversity but a celebration of differences?” Dr. Phlox to T’Pol when she is feeling ashamed of her Human comrades.


In short: Around ten weeks after the start of its mission, Enterprise is visiting an ancient Vulcan monastery on a remote planet.  After arrival the crew finds out that Andorians took the monks hostage. After a small fight they become prisoners themselves. The leader of the Andorians, Commander Shran, suspects a hidden Vulcan long range sensor array somewhere in the monastery. Commander Tucker steals away into the catacombs beneath the building to find an old communications console to get into contact with Enterprise.

Mounting a surprise attack using the transporters, Lieutenant Reed and his security team can take out two of the four Andorians. During a fire fight in the catacombs a hidden passage is revealed. Behind this passage the combatants stumble upon the huge hidden listening post the Andorians were searching for.

Captain Archer decides to give the scans of the area to the Andorian Commander, who is now in debt with the Captain.

The monastery/outpost of P’Jem. Home to monks, spies and a bunch of Andorian soldiers.

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Super Mario Odyssey #002 – Cascade Kingdom Overview

This post contains spoilers on Cascade Kingdom (early game version) and the general gameplay. Click here for my first impressions of the game.

First things first

I got something wrong in the first post. Actually not only Princess Peach was kidnapped (again). The same happened to Tiara, the younger sister of Cappy. She is – of course – a living, talking and flying Tiara. Bowser kidnapped her to use her as a headdress for Peach during the planned wedding. Yep… this guy is sick.

Now that we are clear on that, we are ready to jump into the action. Bowser got away in his flying ship and we are following him on his heels. For this we need a vehicle of our own. And Cappy just knows where to find one…

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