Gloomhaven #000 – What is Gloomhaven?

This is my first post about Gloomhaven. It contains minor spoilers from the first two missions unlocked at the beginning of the game. 

What is Gloomhaven?

In essence Gloomhaven is a board game with a strong legacy part. The players take on the role of mercenaries based in the city of Gloomhaven. Through adventuring and undertaking missions a bigger storyline is revealed. Every mission is played in co-op mode against the game itself. There are special rules and cards, which make sure, that the enemys feel alive and behave realistic.

The characters have their own personal goals that can affect the playing style and the outcome of the missions the party undertakes. Through experience points the characters level-up and learn special abilities. On their path they find money and better equipment. After achieving their personal goal these characters go into retirement which again affects the city and the world of Gloomhaven. After a character retires, it’s player chooses a new class and creates a new character in the same game world.

A small part of the map of the world of Gloomhaven with the first two adventure locations revealed.

What is so special about Gloomhaven?

For me it’s the way the world is revealed and the way it changes while you are playing. Character development and story progress are very similar to pen & paper role playing games, but cut down to the combat experience. In many ways it feels like a computer RPG that you can play with your friends on a table.

I don’t know much about the long-term motivation of the game, but I think it has everything that I want to have in a game like this: Dungeons, slaughter and LOOT!

The starting positions for the second mission in a three-player game. The rest of the rooms are revealed when the party progresses through the door.

What’s this blog about?

We just started playing the first two (introductory) missions of Gloomhaven and I think it would be great to share our progress and chat about the missions, the game and the rules. I will also write about the changes in the game world, the events happening to our party and the riches we come across on our travels through the world of Gloomhaven.

Please take note that the posts on this blog will contain spoilers. I will put a small information at the beginning of every post so that you can see which parts of the game are addressed.

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