Super Mario Odyssey #002 – Cascade Kingdom Overview

This post contains spoilers on Cascade Kingdom (early game version) and the general gameplay. Click here for my first impressions of the game.

First things first

I got something wrong in the first post. Actually not only Princess Peach was kidnapped (again). The same happened to Tiara, the younger sister of Cappy. She is – of course – a living, talking and flying Tiara. Bowser kidnapped her to use her as a headdress for Peach during the planned wedding. Yep… this guy is sick.

Now that we are clear on that, we are ready to jump into the action. Bowser got away in his flying ship and we are following him on his heels. For this we need a vehicle of our own. And Cappy just knows where to find one…

Cascade Kingdom

Well… this looks amazing. I can’t wait to jump’n’run around in this beautiful prehistoric kingdom.

Cascade Kingdom is our first stop after the tutorial. We hope to find the “Odyssey” here, the flying vehicle we need to follow Bowser. Let’s have a look at the concept of the Kingdoms in this game and the things we will be doing there:

There it is! Fuel!

The first thing we have to do in every new kingdom is to find some fossil fuels to get your vehicle running. Our machine is running on “Power Moons”, which – luckily – are hidden all over the kingdoms we visit in our travels. In Cascade Kingdom we are making our way to the top of the mountain and collect Power Moons on the way.

Using others to get your way

As mentioned earlier we can throw Cappy at objects or monsters to take control over them. This is a very clever way to introduce new and unique gameplay concepts in every kingdom. In Cascade Kingdom we are taking it to another level by taking control of a sleeping tyrannosaurus.

With its superior strength we are able to destroy parts of the kingdom and get to areas we couldn’t reach otherwise. Besides this we can smash even the biggest foes around with no one to fear!

I guess we are lucky we find it sleeping.

I don’t really know what to think of Mario violating the free will of all kinds of beings, but I guess we have to look the other way this time… It’s for the greater good after all.

Tyrannosaurus-Mario is ready to smash! I tell you: this is a lot fun!!

Of course there are some classic enemies of Mario that we can take control of, too. Using Chain Chomps is a great way to destroy parts of the countryside, but you can only move as far as your chain is reaching. It’s really great how you always have to learn the controls and think about how to use the new powers you are getting while controlling another being.

But don’t worry: The controls are usually pretty easy to learn and you find amazing uses for every monster/object you take control of.  You just have to get your head around it. More on that in a future post.

Chain Chomp-Mario seems to been in a great mood. While in this form, we can destroy rock formations (like the one in the background of this picture).


Before I got the game, I tried to stay away from all the spoilers hitting the internet in the last 6 months. So when I came across the first 2D-stages and learned that they are a big part of the game, I was blown away. Why did it take so many years to implement this in a game? It’s the original Super Mario Bros. design and you do your thing… Hit them bastards on the head!

If you are a fan of the original this will set you back to your childhood days. If not… What are you even doing here?

The idea to make the levels part of the 3D-environment makes it even better, you are walking around corners and when you jump out of the “level”, you seemlessly go back into your 3D-self. This made my day! Not much more to say here.

The Collector

We were talking about Bowser being set in his ways and trying the same old “kidnapping” over and over again without getting much better in it. Well, he is not the only one with obsessive-compulsive disorders. Our favorite Italian plumber is having a huge collecting-addiction.

While you can collect the golden coins in every kingdom, the purple ones are specific to every world. You can only use them as a currency where you find them. In Cascade Kingdom you find these coins that look like ancient stone currency.

This time it’s not about collecting gold to “get a life”. You can use your golden and purple coins to buy new outfits, moons or souvenirs (stickers and other tourist kitsch). We will see more of this in my next posts.

Oh right, we are on a mission here

With all the craziness going on here, you could totally forgot that you are not here for fun. Bowser got away (yes… you could say that the princess is in another castle), but he left one if his rabbit-friends (the Broodals) behind.

Our first Boss is a big lady with way too much make-up and an aggressive dog. While we would usually ignore this person and change the side of the street, there is no way around her this time.

In Cascade Kingdom we have to take on Madame Broode and her Chain Chompikins. She is pretty big and it’s clear pretty fast, that jumping on her head is not doing the trick here. Instead we are taking control of her adorable, golden dog.

Two hits with Cappy allow us to take control of it. Now we can hit her in the face. Doing this three times gives us the last three Power Moons needed to get the Odyssey running. So let’s stick to Bowser heels and head to the next stop: Sand Kingdom!

What do you think about the game after first real kingdom? Is Mario losing his morale compass when he takes control of other beings or “does the end justify the means”? Let me know in the comments!

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