Gloomhaven – Review

This post contains possible spoilers for the (very) early game content of Gloomhaven. 

Its review-time! We’ve played the first four scenarios of Gloomhaven and one side-scenario. I can’t say much about the middle and late game content of this huge legacy board game, but I think we saw enough of the early game to form an opinion.

The World!

The world of Gloomhaven after the first two scenarios we played. When playing scenarios you come across hints for new locations. In this moment, you put its sticker on the map and the party can travel there from now on.

Our adventuring party (mercenaries) is based in the city of Gloomhaven. From there we travel the surrounding area on our search for fame and treasures. While you can see the whole game world from the beginning, the locations are slowly revealed depending on your progress in the story. This is similar to an open world computer roleplaying game. Additionally some aspects in the game world are changing over time. The city of Gloomhaven for example is getting prosperity through the mercenaries actions, which again leads to the merchant selling more interesting and powerful equipment. Continue reading “Gloomhaven – Review”