Star Trek Re-Watched #006

Enterprise (ENT) Episode 7

“The Andorian Incident“

I’m re-watching Star Trek in this chronological order. There will be spoilers! For a synopsis and more information on this episode I strongly recommend Memory Alpha

“And what is diversity but a celebration of differences?” Dr. Phlox to T’Pol when she is feeling ashamed of her Human comrades.


In short: Around ten weeks after the start of its mission, Enterprise is visiting an ancient Vulcan monastery on a remote planet.  After arrival the crew finds out that Andorians took the monks hostage. After a small fight they become prisoners themselves. The leader of the Andorians, Commander Shran, suspects a hidden Vulcan long range sensor array somewhere in the monastery. Commander Tucker steals away into the catacombs beneath the building to find an old communications console to get into contact with Enterprise.

Mounting a surprise attack using the transporters, Lieutenant Reed and his security team can take out two of the four Andorians. During a fire fight in the catacombs a hidden passage is revealed. Behind this passage the combatants stumble upon the huge hidden listening post the Andorians were searching for.

Captain Archer decides to give the scans of the area to the Andorian Commander, who is now in debt with the Captain.

The monastery/outpost of P’Jem. Home to monks, spies and a bunch of Andorian soldiers.

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