Gloomhaven #001 – The Beginning

This post contains spoilers for the first two scenarios of Gloomhaven, a road event (#13), a city event (#22), character creation and a random side mission (#63).

Considering the strong legacy part of this board game you should be aware, that through reading this article, you could spoil yourself some of the fun, if you plan to play this game yourself in the future.

Character creation

We started the game with three players and we choose the Spellweaver (similar to a wizard), the Brute (a warrior) and the Tinkerer (a gadgeteer) for our first characters. Character creation is pretty easy compared to pen-&-paper roleplaying games. Besides picking your class you have to draw two random cards, from which you choose one for your characters personal quest. This personal quest affects your play style and sets the end for his career. After achieving their biggest goals, the characters retire and settle down in the city of Gloomhaven. After that you get some money to go on a shopping spree in the city of Gloomhaven.

The Tinkerer (clockwise from the top left): personal quest card, ability cards deck, some combat modifier cards, the character card board token (still waiting for my miniatures), a character reference board, an equipment card bought during character creation and the character sheet (after mission two).

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Gloomhaven #000 – What is Gloomhaven?

This is my first post about Gloomhaven. It contains minor spoilers from the first two missions unlocked at the beginning of the game. 

What is Gloomhaven?

In essence Gloomhaven is a board game with a strong legacy part. The players take on the role of mercenaries based in the city of Gloomhaven. Through adventuring and undertaking missions a bigger storyline is revealed. Every mission is played in co-op mode against the game itself. There are special rules and cards, which make sure, that the enemys feel alive and behave realistic.

The characters have their own personal goals that can affect the playing style and the outcome of the missions the party undertakes. Through experience points the characters level-up and learn special abilities. On their path they find money and better equipment. After achieving their personal goal these characters go into retirement which again affects the city and the world of Gloomhaven. After a character retires, it’s player chooses a new class and creates a new character in the same game world. Continue reading “Gloomhaven #000 – What is Gloomhaven?”