Star Trek Re-Watched #002

Enterprise (ENT) Episode 3

“Fight or Flight“

I’m re-watching Star Trek in this chronological order. There will be spoilers! For a synopsis and more information on this episode I strongly recommend Memory Alpha

“You’ve seen too many science-fiction movies“  – Captain Archer to Lt. Reed, when the latter is taking an arsenal of weapons to the unknown starship.


In short: Exploration is getting boring after two weeks without anything special happening. This changes when the crew of Enterprise detects a ship dead in space on which they find some dead aliens. Captain Archer decides to find out more about the dead and their culture. A while later the killers of the dead crew are coming in and immobilize Enterprise when the friends of the dead crew show up. Hoshi safes the day by translating the language of the dead people and organize some help by their friends.


In chronological order this is the first deep space exploration episode.

Thoughts and Opinions:

I really liked the way the episode is getting started slowly. The first act gives a good impression of how people are spending their time on an exploration vessel when there is no immediate crisis to deal with. We learn, that Reed is a perfectionist and a little too eager, while Hoshi is constantly assailed be her self-doubts.

In essence I think the episode is build around the concept of having doubts. In the overall atmosphere it’s a seamless continuation of the pilot double-episode. A great thing for a new series in my opinion. It’s just two weeks after the Suliban incident and the start of an new era for mankind, so its understandable that the crew members are questioning themselves. Even the Captain is trying to find the balance between doing the right thing from a professional point of view on one side, and the moral implications on the other side.

Still I wonder if I would have kept Hoshi around aboard the ship after her participations on the away missions. Of course she behaves all too human, but as a captain you really need a senior officer on the bridge who you can trust in crucial situations.


After watching the pilot I wanted to go deeper into the universe and I really enjoyed this episode int his rewatch as much as the first time I watched it.

I give it 4,5 out of 5, because in my opinion it captures the spirit of Star Trek pretty good. Exploration, moral implications and self-doubts are all interesting concepts to explore and I hope for more in the next episodes.

What do you think about the episode? Would you keep Hoshi around even after her unprofessional behavior? What would you have done after finding the ship full of corpses drifting dead in space?

Tell me in the comments.

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