Star Trek Re-Watched #004

Enterprise (ENT) Episode 5


I’m re-watching Star Trek in this chronological order. There will be spoilers! For a synopsis and more information on this episode I strongly recommend Memory Alpha

“Remember to mind your manners.“  – Archer to Tucker before he leaves for the alien ship (and gets himself pregnant).


In short: The crew finds an alien ship that secretly follows Enterprise and “feeds” on its engines plasma exhaust. Chief Engineer Tucker gets on board to help out. After working on the engines he plays a “game” with an alien engineer and … gets pregnant. He finds out about this back on Enterprise after growing some extra nipples on his arm. The crew finally finds the alien ship again, which now feeds on a Klingon battle cruisers engines. With some name-dropping and joking at Commander Tuckers cost the Klingons decide to cooperate in exchange for some holographic technology. After this crisis is resolved the aliens transfer the fetus to a male of their own species.


In chronological order this is the first appearance of the holodeck technology.

It’s also the first sexual encounter between a human and an alien (even if its just an “accident”). Commander Tucker is the first human male to get pregnant. Its the second contact with the Klingons with the first mention of sto-vo-kor (the Klingon afterlife).

Thoughts and Opinions:

This episode has a lot of interesting details in it. I like the Zero G shower scene and the other small malfunctions all over Enterprise.

I also like the idea of Tucker having to go through decompression before he can safely enter the alien ship. Also the facts that these aliens are growing grass on the floor and food on the walls are small details that make the ship seem more otherworldly and exotic. Good stuff!

There are also some short insights into the other crew members of Enterprise that keep the spirit of the first few episodes alive. There are different approaches of Phlox and T’Pol when confronted with the culinary variety in the ships mess. Reed is asking Tucker about the weapons on the other ship. T’Pol reacts irritated and annoyed when she finds out about Tuckers pregnancy. All these scenes help to emphasize with the crew members, which is very important in the first episodes of a new series.

Of course its a little weird that the aliens seem technological advanced and still need the help of a human engineer to repair their engine room. But I just like to think that the human way of adaptability and thinking out of the box makes this possible.


I have fragrant memories of watching this episode many years ago. I remember that Commander Tucker became one of my favorites on the show after it.

I give it 5 out of 5. It’s my favorite early Enterprise episode and one of the best in the entire series.

What do you think about the episode? Is it one of your favorites, too? Would you have kept the baby and raised it in the engine room?

Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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